Who We Are

Welcome to Extravagant Pets | Specialists in pet products and animal care with great facilities & friendly staff

We are a specialist pet store, carrying dry feed for most pets and we carry select livestock. The focus is on birds and tropical fish; however, we do sometimes carry several dwarf hamsters and/or teddy bear hamsters and chinchillas, reptiles, including geckos, bearded dragons, chameleons, and snakes. Our focus is specialist care advice.

Hello! Meet the Team

Katja Wentzel - Owner

Katja Wentzel bought the business in 2018 from the previous owners that were emigrating to New Zealand. She spent 22 years in the corporate world working largely in risk management, short- and long-term insurance and as a consultant. Katja has both a Bcom Finance and LLB and extensive knowledge of business and the corporate industry. The shift came in 2017 when she was retrenched and decided she did not want to return to the financial industry. A long look at business on offer, when by chance this one came up. Katja loves all things equestrian and especially the Frisian and Warmblood horse. More importantly she believes we are care takers and not owners of our animals and we need to make sure they eat well, have a great place to sleep in, are kept agile and fit and are interacted with. Please tell your animals vocally that you care! From a small age she was always bringing some animal home and trying to make it better. Having a good relationship with your vet is most important as difficult decisions sometimes have to be made and you need to inform yourself of the best options. She believes a clean, well stocked store with empathetic staff that are courteous and have requisite knowledge is key. We wish all our customers the best experience.

Knowledge Strengths: Excellent knowledge on all Birds, big and small Excellent knowledge on Cats Excellent knowledge on Dogs Excellent knowledge on Horses Excellent knowledge on Rabbits and Hamsters Reptiles, especially bearded dragons Rodents, inclusive rat care, chinchilla, ferret Good knowledge on Fish care

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

Animals & People make up the team here at Extravagant Pets!


A Frisian crossed with a thoroughbred created this wonderful horse

Aragon is the inspiration behind the statue standing at the corner of Susman and Conrad avenue at the BLAIRGOWRIE PLAZA. Aragon is what is best about all animals and why we need to take the best care we can of them. It is not our duty it is a privilege. A Frisian crossed with a thoroughbred created this wonderful horse 16 years ago. He was gifted to me unseen and untried by my husband at an auction as a wedding gift when he was barely 3 years old. He has been in my care ever since and we have learnt all about love, patience, regret, sickness, joy, persistence and fear together. My best friend, my whole heart and the best gift I could have ever received.


Aragon is fed 70% Eragostris hay of the best quality and 30% high 19% protein percentage horse feed. He spends the majority of his day in large paddock grazing. Apples are his favourite treat. He receives a daily supplement of probiotics and MSM due to ongoing digestive issues and arthritis in a hind leg.


3 and half year-old male black cocker spaniel

NIGEL is a 3 and half year-old male black cocker spaniel. He was adopted a year and half ago from the SPCA Benoni, he was picked up as a stray. He was starving, his hair matted and long and he was intact,ie. not neutered. Nigel did not respond to humans well initially and defended any territory against my older dog Argo and my cats Max and Cleo. He had to learn to socialise and to defer to pack leadership, ie myself being the pack leader. Walks were a nightmare with him pulling in all directions and running in circles. Attempts to attack any and all dogs on every walk and when our gate was open. Escaping through the kitchen window and gate enclosure when we left the home.

Consistent behaviour towards him including:

  • Ignoring aggressive behaviour, ie moving body and eye contact away.
  • Ignoring barking, as above
  • Positive reinforcement of good behaviour however small
  • Same tone of voice
  • Nonaggressive stances
  • Same behaviour toward him and other animals in our home
  • Adopting Goldie 4 months later
  • Immediate neutering

made the change. It took 8 months for him to finally make eye contact and thereafter another month to maintain eye contact.

He now begs for treats, begs for strokes and is a clown when playing. He sleeps on my feet every night with his cat friend Maximus.

He unfortunately still wants to occasionally attack small dogs and will be going for advanced socialisation in the next few months. He recognises me as pack leader and listens to me primarily.

Nigel is a much-loved dog especially by Andre, his human dad who walks him daily and always sneaks him treats.

Nigel is fed Royal CANIN Light Weight Care and Royal CANIN Digestive care dry food, as well as Montego Field & Forest wet food. He enjoys Montego’s Bags of Wags Marrow Bones treats the most.



5 year old Spaniel

GOLDIE is an absolute clown and simply a goofy dog. She is very stubborn, loves the couch, the car and any form of water. She is 5 years old now and was adopted through Spaniel Rescue over a year ago. She is a golden cocker spaniel and sterilised. Her previous owner gave her up due to her excessive barking and being unable to walk her due to her weight and strength in pull. She has lost 4 kgs in the last year and still has 2 kgs to go. She is walked with a choke chain.

She had an absolute fear of men initially, especially black men but consistent behaviour by my husband Andre and my kind gardener Gift of 14 years has made men her favourites. She loves Andre dearly and spends every evening after her daily walk lying mostly with her head on his body until bedtime. She also enjoys her weekly treat of gardening with Gift very much.

Goldie is fed Royal CANIN Light Weight Care dry food, as well as Montego Field & Forest wet food. She enjoys cooked vegetables and fresh apples.


Ragdoll cross Siamese and is a flame point with blue eyes

MAXIMUS is the best cat in the world. This is because I am his favourite person and he is my favourite cat. As simple as that!

Known as Max, only Maximus when cross with him- he was bought as a kitten from some lady in Benoni 4 years ago for a great deal of money. He is a Ragdoll cross Siamese and is a flame point with blue eyes. He is incredibly handsome, very affectionate of the dogs, he will lick and groom them and curl up to them. Being male -he is out for a fair part of the day but never far from home. He will always come running when he hears my car or my voice and is very affectionate. It took a while for him to be trained to not hunt my birds, but he now is so well-conditioned that they can sit on him and run up to his face and he ignores them.

Max does not mind what food he eats-he is uncomplicated. He is fed Royal CANIN Fit dry food and enjoys HILLS wet sachets in the morning. He does not have a favourite food.


8-year-old sterilised highly bred Bengalese Oriental cat

CLEOPATRA is a 8-year-old sterilised highly bred Bengalese Oriental cat. She was gifted to my husband Andre by myself as a kitten and sourced from an impeccable breeder. She is a chocolate point coloured, extremely beautiful and extremely affectionate. She detests strangers and really does not understand why they always want to pick her up when visiting our home. She never strays far or too long from our house and garden and loves being at home. She is comfortable in all rooms /furniture at home and loves to lie and sit with both dogs but particularly Nigel. She never doubts herself or her stature in our home. Her favourite person is her owner Andre. She is deeply loved and respected by all in our home.

Cleo eats a combination of Royal CANIN Light Weight Care and Royal CANIN Ageing dry food. In addition, she receives a daily morning dose of HILLS Multi wet sachets. Cleo loves canned tuna AND any cooked fish. 


Unfortunately, Maximus and Cleopatra make a formidable hunting team, especially Cleo is exceptionally good at hunting and we find dead animals in our home from time to time.