Birds Products

Food: ?


  • Mielie toys,
  • mineral salt toys,
  • specialised treat food,
  • dried chillies
  • peanuts- in extremely small quantities,
  • seed bells in various sizes,
  • suet slabs or suet balls for wild birds
  • sunflower seeds
  • spray millet


We carry a large range of cages, including:

  1. Budgie
  2. Cockatiel
  3. Parrot
  4. Stands– most large cockatiel and parrot cages come with a stand that is usually on wheels.
  5. Wooden stands, which are free stands to be used in your home or garden
  6. Metal stands on wheels, free standing stands for in your home.

Occasionally we may also have:

  1. Small animal cages for multipurpose, including small aviary or chinchilla cage
  2. Aviary type cages

Bird Toys:



3.Mirror toys

4.Sisal based hanging ropes

5.Hanging bells

6.Sekelbos sticks

7.Mineral sticks

8.Mineral hanging toys.

9. Mielie toys

Supplements and medication:

  1. Deworming
  2. Mineral supplement
  3. Pro and prebiotics
  4. Doxybiotic
  5. Song Aid
  6. General tonic
  7. Grit
  8. Scaly face
  9. Pluck stop
  10. Feather/skin bird spray
  11. Mite Spray
  12. Disinfectant cage spray

Aviary birds (Wild birds)

We carry a small range of aviary birds at select times:

  1. Budgies
  2. Cockatiels insert photos ANATOMY OF AN ECCLECTUS,FAT BASTARD
  3. Finches
  4. Lovebirds